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                                                         Celebrating 20 years of partnership with LaGrange County Families!

                  As of 2014, LCHFH has built, rehabbed, or recycled homes with 2families. In addition, we have served 12 families with "A Brush with Kindness."



Check our our latest ABWK project by clicking here.


LCHFH is grateful to those who serve God

by assisting LaGrange County families in need.

Ray and Karen Springer have donated 2 lots on Royer Lake to LCHFH.  President Ron Hostetler received the deed transfer.

Wells Fargo provided a $10,000 grant and team members from several Indiana stores, including LaGrange, contributed approximately 80 volunteer hours for Family # 28's recent building project.

Ron Hostetler, former president, and Rebekah Trump, former secretary, have recently retired from the Board of Directors of LCHFH. 


The Davis Home has been completed.

Thanks to the many volunteers.

Thanks to the donors.

                Praise be to God.             

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      Navigate over to "Recent Builds" to see photos from fall work days.i



Thanks to all our donors, volunteers,

and buyers for your role

in our successful 2015 Auction.

Click here to see photos from the 2015 Auction.

Circle August 5, 2016 on your calendar. 

You won't want to miss our 2016 auction. 



LCHFH and Purdue Extension Service Team up for Education  

Cooking.  Walking.  Wellness.  Purdue Extension Service and LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity worked together this spring to provide a 5-session educational opportunity for local partner families of LCHFH.

Using the “Walk Indoors!” program developed by Leslie Sansone, families met for four indoor walking classes.

The program ended with a “healthy cooking class” led by Ann Fremion and Debby Pontecorvo of the local extension service.  Cooking quinoa and chopping vegetables occupied the adults while the children created smoothies-in-a-bag and cheese and fruit snacks and worked on activity sheets.

Then, the party began:  roasted turkey breast, quinoa salad, broccoli and craisin salad, smoothies, and cheese and fruit for dessert. 


Your vehicle can be a moving reminder of the mission of LCHFH.

Click here to learn more about this simple way to help promote housing for God's people in need.




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Volunteers "Brush with Kindness" in 2015:  Clifford Walker and Viola Miller




 Attention U.S. Veterans:  State Farm Insurance has generously awarded Habitat for Humanity International $100,000, which will be available to Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) affiliates that are partnering with U.S. Veterans to offer accessibility repairs/upgrades in owner-occupied homes.

Call LCHFH to see if you can benefit from this program.




LCHFH anounces "A Brush with Kindness," a program designed to

assist families in need with home maintenance.

Click here to read more about this initiative.


LCHFH participates in the "Cars for Homes" program. 

For information about donating a car, check our "Get Involved" page.


Do you need affordable housing?  Or, do you know someone else with housing need?

Click on our Family Selection Page for information about qualifications and how to apply.

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Building Houses in Partnership with God's People in Need

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